Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is this site?

this site is a ptc, a pay to click or pay to action website, earners can earn money by completing tasks or watch ads

2. How much can i earn here?

depend of your work, more ads you watch, more money you can earn, also you can earn from offerwalls, earnings are unlimited

3. how can i earn money?

click on earn money menu, then choose the option you want.

on paid to click ads you need to watch ads for 15-30 secs, then you get credited

on video you need to watch videos,timer depends of the advertiser and can take 30-60 secs.

on the offerwall menu, you need to choose the offer and read it, then compleyte the steeps to complete it

4. what are points?

points a re a free reward system, allowing you to upgrade for free, to earn this points you need watch ads or reffer friends, for every ad you see you collect 0.1 points, and 1 point for each referral you grab!

5. How i can withdraw money?

The minimun payment is 0.00001000 BNB, very low.

You need to choose the processor and select the amount then press next.


For faucetpay you can add your email or your bnb address.

For Metamask you need to copy your address and paste in your profile!

6. About referrals

bscads gives you the opportunity to earn money for the people you bring to this website

The only thing you need to do is recommend this website through a link or the banners that we provide here https://bscads.com/account/banners

You dont need to do clicks to earn from referrals, and you get the 10% of all task they do, forever!

7. How to advertise?

The first thing is to buy ad credits, you can do it in the advertise tab https://bscads.com/advertise

once you have the credits go to your advertiser panel and create the ads https://bscads.com/account/advertiser-panel

select the type of ad you need.

Once created you have to add credits to the ad.

to add credits you have to click on allocate and add the credits you need

8. Metamask deposits

You can deposit what you need through metamask, the system will ask you to link the wallet and connect it, you can make your deposit in bnb, kake, busd etc.

We strongly recommend that once the deposit has been made, and for the safety of your funds, you disconnect the wallet from our system.

If we are hacked and the wallet is connected, the hacker can withdraw all the funds, and that is not good.

Just for your safety

9. Advertise: PTC ads

ptc ads are direct ads that will take users to the destination url you want, to put ptc ads you first have to buy credits you can buy them here https://bscads.com/advertise

once you have the credits go to your advertiser panel and create the ad, the ad will be verified automatically, but to be shown to users, you have to add the credits, you can add as many credits as you want as long as you have them in your advertiser balance.

The ads have a duration of 15 seconds, if you want more time they can be extended to 30, but the ad will cost 2 credits per visit instead of 1.

You can regulate the number of daily visitors, as well as the place of origin of the user.

10. Advertise: Youtube ads

YouTube ads are ads that will lead the user to watch your videos for no less than 30 seconds, these visits are added to the YouTube video you want to advertise, they also increase the visibility time of the channel and will help your videos to be recommended by youtube.

It is a good tool to grow on youtube for very little money.

The bad part is that the CPM of the channel will drop a little if it is high, this is because YouTube detects that the visits come from our source, but this CPM recovers as it has more organic visits.

To buy the ads, you have to buy the credits first, then create the ad and assign the number of visits you want to receive.

11. Advertise: Banners

Banners are an excellent tool to add visibility to your website or get referrals at a very low cost.

Banner credits mean impressions, that is, if we buy 5000 banner credits, the banner will be shown 5000 times, but it does not mean that it will have 5000 clicks, the number of clicks will be determined by the user's interest in said banner.


The size of the banner is 468x60 and will be displayed randomly in different areas of the web page, the number of visits can be adjusted, the maximum daily impressions

12. Advertise: Special packs

If none of the packages we offer meet your needs, we can make you a custom one.

If you want monthly or long-term ads you will need to contact us, you can do it through the support tickets, or you can contact our ad expert by sending an email to admanager@bscads.com

13. How to get earn BNB with youtube vids

Steep 1: Click on the ad and check how much time you need to watch the vid

Steep2: wait until you get the timer ( you can use the youtube video to control the time for example 30 secs 1 min or 2 min)

Steep:3 Close the youtube tab, you must close youtube tab then the ad checks if you are qualified, and give you the money

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